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Invest in or sell shares of private companies via IPOGO funds

Guided process

Our platform guides you through the complex process of selling or investing.

Meet specialists

Specialists are available to work with you and the issuer to facilitate transactions.

Curated investments

We provide proprietary analysis including recent price history, valuation and cap tables.

IPOGO is a leading global marketplace for trading private company shares

IPOGO has worked with over three hundred leading private growth companies to close thousands of successful client investments.

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Multiple ways to access the U.S. Capital Markets
Benefits to becoming a public company
How the APO process works
Advantages to going public through an APO versus an IPO

How to Enter the U.S. Capital Markets Through Alternative Public Offerings

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Invest or sell shares in the secondary market with IPOGO funds

Access Liquidity for Pre-IPO Equity at Lower Minimums

Access liquidity via our funds with more than 160,000 global shareholders and investors in the marketplace. IPOGO’s proprietary technology enables lower minimums for investors and sellers.

Access Private Technology Companies

Tap into a $500B venture-backed equity class. Invest in private companies via IPOGO investment funds which purchase and own the shares on behalf of investors.

Curated Investments

We provide proprietary analysis including recent price history, valuation and cap tables. While not without risk, we offer companies with proven track-records of raising capital, generally from top-tier venture capital investors.

Invest in private companies with IPOGO funds


Unlock the value of your equity and diversify your holdings


We empower the thinkers, doers, and innovators of the modern economy

The innovation economy is a powerful ecosystem of creators conceiving the ideas that will make the world a better place. It is the investors, supporters, and venture capitalists who propel these ideas into reality.

A people’s history of SILICON VALLEY

How the tech industry exploits workers erodes privacy and undermines democracy

Emerging Markets

These days, Asia and Europe lead the world in some of tomorrow’s technology, and it may take a while for the U.S. to catch up. Think all innovation is in the U.S.? Think again Simply put: Cash is no longer king, especially outside the U.S.


IPOGO is a space that provides care and security for you, which realizes the IPOGO’s trust. We offer life care services that provide 16 innovative services in one platform and custom solutions based in AI, Bigdata system.

IPOGO connects shareholders of private companies with investors seeking alternative investments. Private company shareholders have a brand new way of AI system to diversify and monetize their holdings. IPOGO’s proprietary solution provides access to cash without any effect on the company’s shareholder count or capitalization table.

Meanwhile, accredited investors (AIs) gain access to returns previously limited to larger asset managers: upside in growth firms. IPOGO’s platform establishes a secure marketplace, allowing AIs to browse investment opportunities in emerging companies and industries. IPOGo is building a fully AI digital, integrated and self-serve marketplace to remove these pain points—empowering consumers to trade and browse opportunities in emerging companies and industries. in just a few clicks.