Sell your pre-IPO shares and diversify your holdings

IPOGO helps shareholders in proven, private tech companies get liquidity for their illiquid company stock

Sell Your Shares

Your net worth shouldn’t just be

on paper

Get liquid and unlock your net worth.

Selling your equity used to be tough, but with IPOGO, getting cash for your private shares is simple — no mountains of paperwork.

Whether you’re an employee of a startup looking to diversify your portfolio or an angel investor seeking liquidity from an early investment, IPOGO can help you get the liquidity you deserve.

IPOGO helps you sell your shares to fund life’s biggest expenses: a new home, student loans, an engagement ring or even your dream car. List your shares and discover your true net worth today.


IPOGO makes it easy to sell pre-IPO stock

01 Sign up and provide equity details

IPOGO works with both U.S. and international shareholders. Create an account and sign a mutual NDA for assurance that information you provide will be confidential. Then, take a quick survey about your equity holdings and liquidity goals.

We will reach out if your equity is suitable for the marketplace. If so, we request for your shareholder documents to complete standard due diligence. You may upload the documents in advance to expedite this process.

02 IPOGO confirms demand

We list your equity on the marketplace as an investment offering to gauge investor interest. Generally, the offering will be featured on our website and in weekly investor newsletters, typically for two weeks.

If there is matching investor demand, we enter into a Placement Agreement with you. This is an agreement between you and IPOGO that finalizes sale details (price per share, number of shares, etc.) and formalizes our intent to complete the transaction.

Once the Placement Agreement is signed, we work with investors to finalize their investments, execute documents and collect funds.

03 IPOGO conducts due diligence and research

Your shareholder documents are reviewed to verify your ownership and ensure that your participation on our platform does not run afoul of agreements you have in place with the company. We will not ask you for sensitive, non-public company information.

As part of due diligence, IPOGO performs a valuation analysis on the company. We use this analysis together with publicly available information, comparables, and other market data to initiate pricing and prepare to list your equity on our marketplace.

04 Complete transaction

Once investment commitments are secured, we provide the language and documents necessary to notify the company of your intent to sell your shares. We work with the company directly to complete your sale.

Our deals usually close 2-3 weeks after receiving company approval or the company’s Right of First Refusal decision.

05 Receive sale proceeds

Once the company has approved the sale, we request that you sign a Share Transfer Agreement to transfer the shares to an IPOGO fund.

Finally, we send the proceeds of the transaction from the escrow account to your bank account. IPOGO typically charges sellers a 5% fee when the transaction closes. Fees may be reduced for larger sales.

“It was great doing business with you guys. You are much better than your competitors who I was dealing with! 10 million times!.”

Jenny Smith, S.S. Shareholder in multi-billion-dollar company

“Through IPOGO, I got cash for my private stock, at both a better price and larger volume than the company itself offered through SecondMarket.”

Sam Vermont, Lucas, ex-employee, billion- dollar private company