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The innovation economy is a powerful ecosystem of creators conceiving the ideas that will make the world a better place. It is the investors, supporters, and venture capitalists who propel these ideas into reality.

At IPOGO, we are building the operating system for the private market innovation economy. We create solutions that nurture the innovative market to build a more prosperous future for everyone. We look to advise the next generation of founders on how to acquire capital so their companies, employees, and investments can thrive. Together, we are the defenders of the innovation economy. We are IPOGO.

Executive Team

Eul Hyung Choi

Mr. Eul Hyung Choi is a CEO of IPO GO as well as a CFO of KWAVE GO. Mr. Choi was a founder and CEO of Hanmi Asset Securities, Inc., a Los Angeles-based investment banking firm specializing in the Korean-American marketplace. Hanmi Asset is an SEC-registered securities broker-dealer.

Before he founded the broker-dealer in 1990, he worked for the state-owned Korea Development Bank (KDB), Seoul, Korea in various capacities such as research analyst, loan officer, and syndication manager. His last appointment at KDB was Executive Vice President of Korea Associated Securities, Inc. a New York based investment banking arm of KDB.

During his career, Mr. Choi had also served as a fund adviser to several Korea’s onshore and offshore trust funds including Daehan International Investment Trust ($ 130 Million). He also found a venture capital fund, Hanmi Korea Venture Fund ($ 250 Million), a fund of funds to invest in Korean emerging companies with matching funds from Korean government (Small Business Administration) and multiple Korean venture capital firms.

Since 2005 Choi became interested in real estate development in Macau and mainland China as well as in the States where he worked as either an advisor, consultant or investment banker for various real estate development projects. Over the years he has developed a valuable working relationship with Korean entrepreneurs and investors as well. His current interest is in the area of project financing, distressed mortgage securities, and private placement of real estate related securities.

Mr. Choi graduated from Korea University majoring in Business Administration and Stern Business School of New York University.

FINRA licenses: series 7, 4, 24, 9, 10, 63, and 66.

ByungMoon Song

Dr. Song Byung-moon came to the United States in 1994 and received his doctorate in engineering from Virginia Tech. After working as an engineer at GA, a national defense company that develops a representative gray-eagle, in 2004, he founded ActsPower and operated a wireless communication-related venture for 5 years.

Since 2009, he has been an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University in Texas, and since 2013, he has worked as a research and development engineer at the Argonne National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

He returned to Korea after leaving 21 years of life in the United States to mentor a Korean venture company and nurture the younger generation, and since September 2015, he served as the general manager at the Gumi Electronics and Information Technology Institute and is now working as the head of the Gumi Advanced Medical Device Industry Cluster Project Group.

Yeung Kim
Previously Global CEO of KMW Inc. (032500.KOSDAQ) Technology and business development in the Wireless Telecom industry, lighting industries for 30years. Managed IPO companies.
HyunSik Shin
Former a senior researcher at Samsung Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), founded Impress Information & Communication, Adcom, and Belforce. Currently, CEO of D-Triple, leading the development of non-face-to-face medical devices.
Steven Choi
Experienced tech executive. Formerly Head of financial team at Mitaa Group. Head of Internet and Digital Media Investment Banking at Cowen and Piper Jaffray as well as Navy Officer.
Nick Torre
Proven tech exec & entrepreneur. Ex CTO & board at Derive, tech & BD leader at Intel, co-founder at Basis (acq NASDAQ:INTC), tech lead at BAM Labs (acq NASDAQ: SNBR).
July Shasha
Over 25 years of Financial experience. W Cambridge Company, Head of India Division. Charles Schwab & Co. Merrill Lynch International.
Drake Stapleton
Experienced executive with over 25 years of compliance leadership. Previously at Nasdaq and Instinet.