Typically, you will be charged a one-time sales fee through IPOGO Securities LLC. This fee generally scales based on the size of your investment.
Investments up to $500,000 will be charged a 5% fee; investments of $500,000 up to $1 million will be charged a 4% fee; and investments of $1 million and up will be charged 3%. For example, if you were to invest $50,000, your total wire would be $52,500 ($50,000 + 5% x $50,000).


For actively managed funds, IPOGO charges Carried Interest and/or a recurring management fee. From time to time, IPOGO may offer different fee structures. Check typical fees for different investment structures or see your fund’s offering document and legal documents for details specific to your investment.

IPOGO Securities LLC is a SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The sales fee is subject to partial or complete waiver by IPOGO Securities LLC and/or its affiliates.