Ultimately, it is up to our investors to decide whether they want to buy at the price you have chosen for your sell order. That said, there are a few best practices to increase the chance of a match:

  1. Choose a price around our Suggested Price.
    The majority of successful deals on our platform happen at a price point that is a ~20% discount to the last funding round. The Suggested Price will take this into account, as well as leverage the prices of active sell orders on the platform.
  2. Keep order sizes between $20,000 and $50,000.
    Our Express Deals are a match between one buyer and one seller. Therefore, one buyer will be required to purchase the full size of your order in order for a match to occur. The pool of investors who will take an order of $50,000 is larger than that of $500,000.
  3. Stay active!
    Keep an eye on your sell order by following along via our Listings page. You can visit the company page for the company in which you are selling and see what prices other users are asking for. With this information, you can update your sell order to be more competitive by clicking the Modify Sell Order on your My Transactions page.